Human Resource Management

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The management of an organization's workforce, or human resources.

The person who does this is an HR Manager. HR is responsible for employee experience during the entire employment lifecycle.

Older Responsibilities

  1. labor relations - primary liaison with the employees' representatives - labor unions
  2. ensures compliance with employment and labor laws
  3. managing payroll
  4. managing employee benifits

Typical Responsibilities

  1. talent attraction - using employer branding
  2. talent selection - talent acquisition - recruitment, onboarding
  3. career planning of employees
  4. training of employees - training and development
  5. employee assessment - appraisal, career counseling
  6. rewarding

Extended Responsibilities

  1. mergers and aquisitions
  2. talent management
  3. succession planning

Business Functions

  1. Aligning HR with Business Strategy (Strategic Partner)
  2. Re-engineering Org. Processes (Administration Expert)
  3. Listening and responding to employees (Employee Champion)
  4. Managing transformation and change (Change Agent)
  1. Organization Culture Design
  2. Organization Leadership

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