DirectX9 And Windows XP

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DirectX9 and Windows XP

Windows XP allows multiple users to be logged on to one computer at the same time. If your application cannot run multiple instances simultaneously, you should check to see if another instance is running before starting a new instance. To see if an instance of the application is already running, use a global mutex. If an instance is running, you can use FindWindow to see if the instance is in the current session and restore the window. Otherwise, notify users that they cannot use the application.
You cannot use FindWindow across desktop sessions. FindWindow only works within the current session.

There are two types of users on Windows XP: administrators and limited users. Administrators have read/write access to all of the hard drive. Limited users are restricted to a few areas of the hard drive where they can write data. Only an administrator can install an application. If a limited user is trying to install an application, an informational message box should be displayed telling the user that they need administrator privileges to install.

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