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DirectX is a set of low-level application programming interfaces (APIs) for creating games and other high-performance multimedia applications. It includes support for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics, sound and music, input, force feedback, multimedia streaming, and network communication for applications such as multiplayer games.

In the following 12 chapters given below you will get a grip on all the concepts of DirectX. Remember we are just starting!

  1. COM and DirectX - Only Basic COM knowledge is needed; Don't be scared!
  2. Callback Functions and DirectX - Callback functions explained in simple terms;
  3. DirectX Version Checking - It is very useful to know your DirectX Version
  4. Debugging DirectX Apps - There are helper functions to make DirectX debugging very easy
  5. DirectX Versions - A journey into the history of DirectX from Version one to the present
  6. DirectX9 and Windows XP - How they match as a pair?
  7. DirectXGraphics Interfaces - Welcome to the world of 2D and 3D Graphics!
  8. DirectSound Interfaces - Add sound to your World!
  9. DirectInput Interfaces - How about adding a Joystick to your Game?
  10. DirectPlay Interfaces - So you want to make a multi-player game? Read on.
  11. DirectMusic Interfaces - Software for Music and Music Composers? Wow!
  12. DirectShow Interfaces - Make Your own DVD Player or a Movie Maker. Why buy one?

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