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Welcome to Techno Space!

This is a space where you find discussions about the changes in the technology and how it changes the life of people. This is also the place where we discuss about the future after firmly rooted in our past and the present.

We will discuss here about changes in the software programming technologies and how it affects software developers and software customers. I have tried to bring here my ten years of experience as a software professional which include my works as a Game Engineer, Scientist at Indian Space Research Organization, and a as a technology leader and R&D Manager in the CAD / Visualization / OCR domains.

Gaming and Game Development
Space Avionics and Space Systems
CAD, CAM, PLM and Visualization
C++, C#
GDI, GDI+, DirectX, OpenGL
WPF, Silverlight
Google Gadget API
Game Programming
Game Engine Development
Game Digital Asset Development
Artificial Speech
Mathematical Visualization
Trajectory Visualization
Launch Vehicle Visualization
Digital Terrain Modeling
Volume Rendering
Neural Net Programming
Terrain Visualization Using Neural Nets
Volume Rendering Using Neural Nets
Language Parsing
Analysis of Scriptures using Language Parsing
Project Management Concepts

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